Cookies Policy 

This policy refers to cookies and web pages operated by SC CLAUDIA MARIAN STUDIO SRL, under the MAUVERIEN brand. 

What are cookies? 

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer, mobile phone, or other devices which allow you to access the Internet. While browsing, these can automatically collect standard information about user activity on the site, user behaviors, traffic parameters and number of visits. 

Who uses the information stored in cookies?

The information stored in the cookies modules of the site are used by the company SC CLAUDIA MARIAN STUDIO SRL (“MAUVERIEN”), having the following details: 


Unique registration code: 41002653 

Registration number: J36 / 315/2019 – Registered in Romania 

Address: Str. Mica, Nr.1, Room 1, Bl.M1, Sc.B, et.2, Ap.7, 820081 Tulcea, Romania 

Phone: 0753 915 120 


Why do we use cookies? 

We use cookies so that we can provide users with a personalized experience on our online shop. These also help us understand the user’s journey on our site, thus helping to improve the structure and content present on

What Cookies Do We Use? 

We use the following types of cookies: 

  • Cookies for navigation analysis purposes: these allow the counting of site visits and traffic sources, helping to perform a statistical analysis of the navigation activity of users. 
  • Cookies for personalization purposes: these allow the user’s preferences to be saved on our site. These might include: the language in which the site is displayed, the currency, the location, the authentication data on the site. 
  • Cookies for technical purposes: these are necessary for the navigation and smooth functioning of the site, to access to the sections of the site and also to place an order on the site. 
  • Cookies for advertising purposes: these store information regarding the user behavior on our site, in order to display relevant advertising content, to match the navigation profile of the user.

How can you manage cookies? 

You can configure your browser at any time by uninstalling the cookies and removing previously installed cookies. However, by removing or uninstalling cookies, some sections of our site may no longer be accessible, or may suffer, which is why we recommend that you keep them enabled. 

Here is how you can remove or configure cookies for each browser: 

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